Virtual Reality
With Virtual Reality, we are bringing groundbreaking and innovative changes to various industries. Proven Reality is transforming the way humankind and technology interact with each other. 
Using years of expertise and extensive research, we implement virtual reality technologies to create infallible solutions.
Our solutions can help patients with pain management, make newborn care more effective, make operations in industries such as manufacturing and construction seamless and offer a platform for employees across various sectors to collaborate virtually.
Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality is a game-changer when it comes to the application of immersive technologies in the real world to solve existing problems.
From developing products that allow users to interact with real-life objects to creating solutions that can make virtual interaction seamless and precise, Proven Reality breaks boundaries at every step.
Our solutions are tailor-made, keeping in mind the industry, application, usefulness, and ease of access.
Supported devices
Our Solutions
We integrate 3D imaging with AR/VR devices to visualize and display medical issues
with the patient and ensure precise diagnostics. Educational solutions for health specialists, patients and medical students.
Allows easier representation of medical issues. Furthermore, it helps medical professionals to make a more precise diagnosis. 
Education and Training

Imagine a world where students learn in a fully immersive environment, a virtual world, stimulating all senses



Use VR to share project phase planning and updates, engage decision-makers, critical engineers.

Remove potentially harmful situations and obstacles and allow plant managers to simulate the production and or process flow

Engineers collaborating globally via a virtual platform allow an endless creative space. The engineers can access dedicated software on this virtual platform.



Get ready to step into a new world, enjoy any activity, concert, museum, explore your favorite artist, etc., an experience that will leave your senses ecstatic.


Clients and partners

We bring together our vision, core values,  and technological innovations to build palpable,
accessible solutions for our clients and partners.



  • Develop your skills in patient examination and diagnostic procedures.
  • Acquire training in patient examination and diagnostic procedures.
  • Consult with colleagues, nurses, paramedics, and patients through virtual channels.
  • Offer more precise and transparent diagnosis and self-care instructions for patients.
  • Collaborate with on-site and off-site teammates virtually.
  • Design technological solutions in an engaging virtual environment.
  • Use a range of software solutions through a single virtual platform.
Manufacturing workers
  • Test equipment and processes in a safe, simulated environment.
  • Get access to on-site work progress through a virtual platform.
  • Assist on-site workers and guide colleagues through complicated processes virtually.
  • Ensure the safety of workers by testing new technology in an immersive environment.
  • Undertake courses and programs at medical schools and other universities through virtual classes.
  • Explore anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and other medical sciences through Virtual Reality.
  • Advance your clinical-care skills through a virtual platform.
Technologies we use
Improving Surgery Outcomes and Recovery with VR – A Research

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Augmented Reality
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