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Attention Training in Virtual Reality for ASD and ADHD therapy

What is it?

Our virtual reality solution for ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) therapy is a therapeutic approach that utilizes immersive virtual reality environments to improve attention and various skills in children aged 5 and above.

Our evidence based scientific study

The VR application’s customizable and controlled environment was instrumental in engaging children with diverse needs and facilitating tailored therapeutic interventions. Notable subjective improvements were reported by parents and therapists, with some endorsements from educators. Although the quantitative data presented varied outcomes, these results emphasize the potential of VR as an inclusive tool in therapeutic practices for children with diverse neuropsychiatric profiles.

How Can a Therapist Use It?

As a therapist, you will be required to identify a suitable VR program that aligns with your patient’s care plan. Once you have access to the VR experience, simply follow the instructions to set up the virtual environment. The activities are set based on your patient’s cognitive profile and ADHD symptoms. If training is required one of our subject matter experts is available to assist you with the VR experience and how to benefit from its use. 

Monitor your patients progress through real-time feedback and adjust their strategies as needed. Additionally, consider integrating the skills learned in the VR environment into their daily life to help manage ADHD symptoms more effectively.

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Benefits in the industry

The virtual reality solution for ASD and ADHD therapy offers several benefits in the industry

Improved Therapeutic Outcomes

Our virtual reality solution for ASD and ADHD therapy enhances therapeutic results by leveraging immersive environments tailored to individual needs.

Enhanced Engagement and Motivation

Utilizing a VR solution fosters heightened engagement and motivation among children, making therapy sessions more effective, engaging, and fun.

Customized Therapy Approach

At PROVEN Reality, we created a VR solution that allows for personalized therapy experiences, adapting activities to address specific challenges and goals for each child.

Accessibility and Convenience

Accessible from various locations, our VR therapy offers convenience for both therapists and families, ensuring consistent and convenient access.

Generalization of

Practice makes perfect; children can more easily transfer skills to real-world scenarios, promoting generalization and long-term retention from scenarios in the airport, shopping area, canteen, or bedroom.

Reduced Need for Companion Teacher Support

With improved attention and school readiness skills, such as writing, reading, and motor skills, children may require less or no assistance from companion teachers in the classroom.

What can it do?

The virtual reality solution for ASD and ADHD therapy can achieve several goals and outcomes

Skill Development

The virtual reality environment brings immersive, 100% repeatable, and granularly controlled environments in one place for the end-user to focus on attention training. The outcome of our VR training and therapy enhances cognitive skills, including:  

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Subject learning
  • Speech and objectification
  •  Motor skills
  • Space orientation

All the above points assist students to better perform in class making them more ready for school with no or less shadow teacher support.


Our virtual reality solution effectively targets attention deficits through immersive experiences designed to enhance focus and concentration.

Customized Therapy

At PROVEN Reality, we design our solutions tailored to individual needs, with personalized interventions that address specific challenges and goals unique to each child.

Integration with Existing Sessions

The VR solution complements traditional approaches, enhancing overall treatment efficacy by seamlessly integrating with current therapy sessions and daily activities.


Motivation and

By leveraging interactive and captivating virtual environments, our VR solution promotes higher levels of motivation and engagement, fostering more productive therapy sessions.


Generalization of Skills

 Through practice in virtual settings, acquired skills can be transferred to real-life situations, promoting generalization and practical application beyond the virtual realm.

Preparation for School

At PROVEN Reality, our VR therapy equips children with the necessary attention and skills required for academic preparedness, gearing them up for school with reduced reliance on companion teacher support.

Why PROVEN Reality?

Our VR app is a scientific approach designed to provide a tailored solution for children with ASD and ADHD, proving to be far more effective than traditional therapies. It offers a focused and immersive experience that enhances their learning and development. Here’s why you should choose us:  

Generalized Improvement

The benefits of our VR training extend beyond the virtual world, positively impacting day-to-day activities such as

  • Reading: Enhancing reading comprehension and retention skills.
  • Writing: Improving writing proficiency and organization.
  • Subject Learning: Facilitating deeper understanding and retention of academic subjects.
  • Speech and Objectification: Enhancing communication skills and object recognition abilities.
  • Motor Skills: Fostering fine and gross motor skill development.
  • Spatial Orientation: Improving spatial awareness and navigation abilities.
Focused Attention

By eliminating outside distractions, our VR environment helps children maintain attention and engagement during virtual training sessions.

Preparation for School

Our VR program equips children with the necessary skills and confidence to excel in school, reducing the need for extensive support from shadow teachers.

Personalized Learning

Tailored exercises and challenges within the app cater to individual learning needs and preferences, ensuring an effective and enjoyable learning experience for each child.

Engaging and Interactive

With interactive simulations and activities, our VR app keeps children motivated and actively involved in their learning journey.

How Does It Work?

The process begins with an assessment of the user’s cognitive profile and ADHD symptoms, allowing for personalized customization of the virtual environment and activities. Within these immersive environments, users engage in interactive exercises and tasks designed to target specific cognitive skills such as attention, working memory, and impulse control. Real-time feedback on performance allows users to track their progress and adjust their strategies accordingly. The VR experience may adapt and customize activities based on the user’s performance, gradually increasing in difficulty as proficiency is demonstrated. Ultimately, users are encouraged to transfer the skills learned in the virtual environment to real-world situations, empowering them to better manage ADHD symptoms and improve their overall functioning and quality of life.

The Future of VR in the Industry

The future of VR in the ADHD industry holds immense promise for transforming how we approach assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of cognitive disorders. With advancements in technology, we anticipate more personalized and adaptive VR experiences tailored to the specific needs and preferences of individuals with ADHD. 

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