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Learn how AR/VR is used in the healthcare industry.
Effectiveness of virtual reality

24 Oct: Effectiveness of virtual reality interventions for breast cancer patients in managing symptoms and rehabilitation: Research

The most frequent cancer in women worldwide is breast cancer (BC). Oncological treatment for breast cancer involves selecting the best intervention based on various prognostic and predictive variables. The most frequent side effect of BC diagnosis and therapy is psychological stress, a common sign of anxiety and depression.


03 Oct: Improving Surgery Outcomes and Recovery with VR – A Research

You may benefit from the trained services of a physical therapist (PT) to aid in your recovery if you have experienced pain or lost functional mobility due to an illness or injury. To help you get back to your usual level of exercise, your physical therapist may employ a variety of treatments. Virtual reality (VR) is one recently developed technique that some therapists are adopting into their practice.

Nurses VR

04 Jul: How VR is helping nurses become even more valuable in the field?

Nursing education is constantly looking for approaches to develop accessible and innovative teaching and learning methods that take students through every stage of their educational journey. Recent challenges have resulted in replacing the traditional methods of learning and increased implementation of Virtual Reality. Teaching and learning can be enhanced with simulation, which has been proven to be an effective medium for skill and knowledge acquisition to support the changing world of nursing education and optimize teaching processes. This article will highlight some evidence-based studies to find out how VR is changing nursing education, helping nurses become even more valuable in the field