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Disrupting the Real Estate Game: Are VR and AR the Future?

As Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies continue their upward trajectory across a range of industries, their ability to disrupt the status quo is becoming undeniable. A few sectors are now waking up to the potential of AR and VR to disrupt the market and gain an edge on the competition, one of which is real estate.

The days of open houses and agents walking around with beepers and shmoozing clients are long gone, and since the birth of the internet, the industry has already begun its metamorphosis. So what are the benefits of AR and VR in real estate?

  • Easy exploration and familiarity with the property: Clients can experience full presence within any given space in any location, allowing them to roam and explore at their leisure.
  • A better appreciation of space: Not everybody can see a figure of square meterage and imagine what that number means in reality. But with AR and VR, buyers can get a better sense of the amount of space that is being discussed.
  • Details. Details. Details: With mixed reality, there is no limit to the amount of nuance agencies can add to their offerings and ensure that they can provide the details that will sway buying behavior.
  • Cost-efficient implementation: Initial outlay on the technology doesn’t break the budget, and an assortment of apps can give the client a 360-degree experience of the space from their phone or tablet. That said, the AR and VR headsets will always provide maximum immersion.
  • Availability on a host of devices: All the benefits of mixed reality in real estate can be accessed by devices connected to the internet.

What we will cover

Design Visualization: Bringing Concept to Reality

One of the key drivers behind the implementation of mixed reality in real estate is that developers can now show conceptual properties in stunning 3D and 4D models that allow for a far more immersive experience. Trying to sell a home or a development without a single brick being laid has always been challenging.

But with the old paradigm of building models, laying out plans, and PowerPoint presentations now gone, the time has come to dazzle and woo prospective investors in ways that can truly communicate what is being imagined.

Showing Spaces in VR

Client relations in real estate is one of the most vital cornerstones in the industry, and many aspects of that relationship can be nurtured by mixed reality. Showing a three-dimensional space in 3D seems like an obvious move, but it’s something that has held back the industry in the absence of being able to take potential clients around the property for a physical tour.

Think about how many people have passed on buying a house because they couldn’t see it in the ways that would give them the feeling of being there, walking its halls, getting a feel for the place. It’s an intangible but highly influential aspect of buying a property. Super-immersive walkthroughs allow agents to add their expertise.

At the same time, clients are treated to peace of mind that simply cannot be achieved without actually visiting the physical property, even without the need to leave their homes. There are even virtual bike tours that can take them around the neighborhood and to give them an even greater sense of the experience of living in that area.

Commercial Reality

In addition to virtual tours and showcases, virtual commerce can provide clients with an entirely new layer of visualization. Virtual and augmented reality solutions connected to online stores allow prospective buyers to customize the layout of spaces and make decorative and structural adjustments to what they see in real-time. This ‘staging’ is hugely cost-effective and eliminates the need for manually dressing spaces that, take the trial and concept to a whole new level, and spaces can be entirely transformed in a few seconds.

This can be anything from furniture to interior decorating to making alterations to the building structure itself. Real estate agencies that leverage these options to their clients will undoubtedly see the ROI of creating properties that look and feel like home. It is as simple as connecting these stores to the tour and giving clients free rein to create their perfect space.

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