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Global Health Exhibition to Gulf Medical University: PROVEN Reality is Everywhere

PROVEN Reality had an eventful month in October, thanks to the accomplishment of some of its objectives, contributing to the company’s long-term vision of assisting the healthcare industry with its virtual Reality and augmented reality initiatives. For the unknown, PROVEN Reality breaks boundaries at every step to implement virtual Reality and augmented reality technologies to create infallible solutions that can bring groundbreaking and innovative changes across industries.

Participating in the Global Health Exhibition (Riyadh)

Global Health 2022 was held at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center (RICEC) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, from October 9 to 11. Global Health presented a variety of possibilities for exhibitors wishing to interact with Saudi customers, healthcare professionals, and policymakers as the largest gathering of healthcare professionals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

PROVEN Reality took part in the exhibition as a platform to display how our VR (Virtual Reality) solutions can bridge the gap between physical and virtual practice, enhancing safety and educational standards. Our Business Development Manager, Osama Abu Kuhail, addressed the industry peers at the exhibition about the application of Simbios and the way it can define the new era of virtual reality in the healthcare industry on behalf of the organization.

The exhibition ended on a high note as we got to host Saudi Vice Minister of Health Abdulaziz AlRumaih at the Saudi Ministry of Health booth at the Global Health event. He also wore VR headsets and spoke with our representatives to learn more about the products during the exhibition.

Osama Abu Kuhail explained our VR headset to the Saudi Vice Minister of Health

Signing an MoU with the Gulf Medical University

Earlier this month, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the improvement of healthcare education using virtual reality solutions was signed by PROVEN Reality and the Centre for Advanced Simulation in Healthcare, Gulf Medical University. Prof. Hossam Hamdy, Chancellor of the Gulf Medical University, and our CEO Zaid Al Mashari signed the MOU on behalf of their respective companies. Dr. Abdulghaffar Alhawi, Head of the Centre for Advanced Simulation in Healthcare, Prof. Manda Venkatramana, Vice Chancellor, and Ms. Sandhya Arun, Training Manager Simulation from the Gulf Medical university, were also present during the occasion.

The students at the university will have access to a virtual learning environment through the PROVEN Reality VR Medical Education Simulation Platform, Simbios, where they can review their medical situations, practice using pathology and investigations, and make diagnoses as if they were in a real-world setting without any limitations. This platform will allow students to have a realistic environment for hands-on practice and experiential learning. Furthermore, the teachers can also draw tailor-made training plans to cater to the individual requirements of aspiring healthcare professionals.

Creating a dynamic training program for healthcare professionals is intricate and multi-faced. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach for facilitating an engaging and interactive experience. “The signing of the MoU opened many doors for both parties in the coming days. We are proud to start our cooperation with Gulf Medical University and contribute to improving healthcare education. Future doctors will be exposed to a wider range of clinical settings in a virtual and dynamic teaching environment,” said Zaid Al Mashari, CEO of PROVEN Reality. On the other hand, Prof Hossam Hamdy, Chancellor of Gulf Medical University, also expressed his joy on the MoU, “We have decades of expertise and practitioners on board while technology players like PROVEN Reality have the abilities and market knowledge. Combining these two can take his partnership to the next level.”

An award

We were also recognized for our efforts and contributions to the field of immersive technologies in the Middle East. PROVEN Solution, the parent company of PROVEN Reality, won the Innovative Virtual Reality Developer award for the year by CPI Media Group.

PROVEN Reality has a lot in the pipeline for the coming years that can shape a future where technology and humanity walk hand-in-hand. Overall, the month marks the beginning of something phenomenal, and it only gets better from here.

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