Pain Management VR App

No patient would like to undergo a painful medical procedure, let alone children!

Medical procedures or manipulation (e.g., dental, hemodialysis, venipuncture, catheter/cannula insertion, vaccination, etc.) often induce excessive pain, anxiety, and distress in patients undergoing them. Therefore, performing a medical procedure, especially on children, is challenging, as every hospital or healthcare facility would attest.  

Pharmacological interventions or anesthesia can help reduce procedure pain. Still, they can also have drawbacks such as inaccurate titration, narrow therapeutic windows, side effects, high costs, and the possibility of drug misuse. 

New Approaches to Pain Management

New drug-free treatments are constantly being investigated in an effort to reduce the public’s reliance on drugs. The latest players in drug-free pain management include virtual reality (VR), mindfulness exercises, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Virtual Reality Pain Management App

VR applications have been shown to be effective new tools to decrease pain in conjunction with other therapeutic interventions and assist in the treatment process. This technology can affect a wide range of senses, ultimately distracting the patient from painful procedures. 

PROVEN Reality subject matter experts create a VR Pain Management application to help reduce anxiety and pain in children and adults during vaccinations, blood sampling, wound dressings, and other painful procedures. 

virtual reality pain management app

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VR Treatment is Safe and Effective as per Clinical Research

The findings of research like Frontiers, NCBI, and PubMed indicated that patients who received the VR intervention experienced less pain than those who received standard medical care. A subgroup analysis showed that VR could assist in relieving postoperative pain for both minor and major surgery

PROVEN Reality VR App Specializes In

We provide support to anesthesia and pediatric departments of hospitals and other clinical settings.

What Do We Offer?

Technology is used in virtual reality (VR) to imitate the sights, sounds, and occasionally the feel of an area so that it can be experienced and interacted with. When using VR equipment, a user may experience being somewhere else—such as underwater—but actually somewhere else, such as the hospital. Wearing headgear that projects the sights and sounds of a selected place or indulging the patient in some activities makes it possible to lessen the patient’s pain during medical treatments. 

Virtual Reality Pain Management App demo

Common Features of Our VR Pain Management Solution

Realistic visual content for maximum immersion

Interactive scenarios for higher engagement


Audio stimulation with relaxing music


Child-focused content designs

Why Choose Us?


Improve the patient experience for all parties involved


Optimizes the time to perform a medical procedure


Saves cost by reducing medical usage


Allow faster recovery time for patients


Improve overall hospital and clinic efficiency

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