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VR Safety Training Solutions

Cutting-Edge AR and VR Safety Training Solutions

Enhance workplace safety by using VR and AR for safety solutions for comprehensive training, orientation, real-time instruction, instant hazard warnings, and the development of robust action plans

How AR and VR Safety Training Impacts Users

The global market for Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in education is booming.


Higher scores on tests with AR/VR

$28.70 Billion

VR market size by 2028
(To grow at a CAGR of 30.7%)


Confidence boosted when learned in an AR/VR environment


Higher Knowledge Retention

AR/VR safety training provides a more immersive and engaging learning experience, capturing trainees' attention. As per a report by Walmart and StriVR, learning through AR/VR has been associated with a 10%–15% higher knowledge retention rate than traditional learning methods.

Realistic Simulations

Simulation of real-world scenarios allows trainees to experience potential hazards and emergency situations in a safe and controlled environment, facilitating better preparation for workplace challenges.

Cost-effective Training

AR/VR safety training eliminates the need for expensive physical equipment and on-site simulations, reducing overall training costs while maintaining high effectiveness.

Customized Learning Paths

AR/VR platforms enable the creation of tailored learning paths, accommodating various skill levels and allowing trainees to progress at their own pace, ensuring comprehensive understanding and retention of safety protocols.

Immediate Feedback

Instant feedback within AR/VR simulations allows trainees to correct mistakes in real-time, reinforcing learning objectives and promoting a more efficient understanding of safety procedures.

Remote Accessibility

AR/VR safety training can be accessed remotely, enabling widespread distribution of training materials and ensuring consistent safety education across diverse locations and teams.

Why Choose Us?

Cutting-Edge Technology Slack

As a foremost virtual and augmented reality development company, we remain on the cutting edge of technological advancements, employing the latest innovations to deliver a fully immersive experience.

Affordable Tailored Solutions

As the premier virtual and augmented reality agency in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, PROVEN Reality provides cost-effective solutions customized to address unique needs and challenges within specific sectors.

Flexible Training Approach

Our safety training solutions are adaptable to any curriculum, rejecting a one-size-fits-all approach to accommodate diverse learning needs.

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Our VR safety training solutions offer a sustainable alternative to practical training. Training in a controlled virtual environment allows students to practice lifelike scenarios without any risk of harm.

Efficient Learning

Our VR safety solutions enable trainees to practice their skills efficiently regardless of time, place, or weather conditions. Trainees can hone their skills, such as fire extinguishing techniques, until mastery, sharing successes with fellow trainees.

A Decade of Market Presence

As a leading augmented reality development company, we maintain our position at the forefront of technological advancements, leveraging the latest innovations to ensure a fully immersive experience.

Applications of Our VR Safety Training Solutions

VR Fire Extinguishing and Safety Training app

Our VR app for fire extinguishing can prepare your employees with essential fire-extinguishing skills by training them through realistic fire simulations, personalized risk assessments, and immediate feedback and progress tracking.

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Electrical Training VR App

Enhance your critical electrical safety skills through VR training. Our app offers risk-free training without exposure to live electricity and helps employees build confidence and competence with unlimited practices.     

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VR Training Solutions for Correctional Officers

This VR safety app for prison is designed to prepare corrections officers by simulating intense, realistic scenarios and people’s behavior. They can practice communication, resolve conflict, and learn tactical maneuvers in a safe and controlled space. 

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We Build Our VR Safety Training Applications For

Manufacturing and Industrial

Training workers on machinery operation, equipment maintenance, and safety protocols in a realistic virtual environment.


Simulating construction sites to train workers on proper safety procedures, hazard recognition, and emergency response.


Providing virtual scenarios for medical professionals to practice emergency response, patient care, and surgical procedures in a risk-free environment.

Oil and Gas

Training personnel on safety measures, emergency evacuation procedures, and handling equipment in the challenging environments of oil rigs and refineries.

Transportation and Logistics

Simulating realistic scenarios for drivers, pilots, and logistics personnel to enhance their skills in handling emergencies and following safety protocols.


Training workers on safety procedures, equipment operation, and emergency response in the hazardous conditions of mining sites.

Utilities (Electricity, Water, Gas)

Educating employees on safety standards related to the operation and maintenance of utility systems, reducing the risk of accidents.


Teaching farmers and agricultural workers about safety practices, equipment operation, and hazard awareness in a virtual farm setting.

Defense and Military

Simulating realistic combat and emergencies for military personnel to enhance their decision-making and response skills in a controlled virtual environment


Training pilots, ground crew, and aviation staff on emergency procedures, aircraft maintenance, and safety protocols.

How Do We Work?

Our AR/VR app developers will arrange a direct in-person or virtual meeting to understand your vision and the pain points before starting the project. 

Our AR/VR experts leverage prototypes to validate your vision and gather early feedback. Our team progresses to the subsequent stages once the app's prototype is verified.

After gathering feedback from the prototype, our team further refines the design and development of the AR/VR project, meticulously selecting optimal technologies and tools to ensure an exceptional product.           

As a virtual and augmented reality development company, our experts rigorously test the app's usability and performance across diverse platforms and devices, addressing issues through debugging.          

After rigorous testing and amends, the solution is ready for launch. Following the release, our experts provide consistent maintenance and support services, ensuring the continued smooth operation of the software.