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Transform healthcare simulation training with PROVEN Reality SimBios

SimBios is a virtual reality healthcare simulation training platform providing limitless capabilities to advance in particularly isolated skills like auscultation or ultrasound as well as complex patient examination scenarios that can cover any curriculum.

Moreover, this platform is super-flexible in configuring patient visual representation (from changes in the constitution of the patient and changes in his skin to the ability to see raids on the tonsils and yellowing of the sclera of the eyes, history, anamnesis collection, and data, including lab analysis, ECG, and imaging (e.g., MRI, X-ray, CT), ensuring its utilization to a maximum extent and covering education demands.    

Simulation Scopes on SimBios Healthcare Platform

The all-in-one platform can be deployed in one day, along with instructor training, and it can be scaled to any number of devices. Moreover, VR training outcomes can be integrated with a learning management system to complement data from other training sources in one centralized way.  

Auscultation Training

Virtual reality is the best way to hear all the pathological sounds of the lungs, heart, and abdomen at certain points on the patient’s body. Explore the characteristics of different types of breathing and heartbeat. Also, practice the formation of heart murmurs, wheezing, and other sounds using our application, which is offered as part of our all-in-one healthcare platform. 

Ultrasound Examination Training

In our SimBios platform, students can find an app to learn ultrasound examinations. An ultrasonic probe will appear for the learner to perform the examination. Once you bring it to the patient, an ultrasound image will appear on the screen, which will keep changing as you move the probe’s position. 

Pregnancy-Ultrasound Training

Our application now enables students to access and learn from an ultrasound simulation process of a pregnant woman. Using our Ultrasound training application, you can identify the proper technique and determine a diagnosis. In addition, it will aid medical trainees in researching various cases based on accurate ultrasound images

Training in Working with CT Equipment

VR training and simulation using our app is a great way to improve skills in radiology and extend the usage of expensive technologies without fearing damage or misuse. Moreover, any practitioner can be trained to use it, reducing the reliance on just one or two people in case of a medical emergency.    

Skin Changes (Rash) Diagnostic Training

Our VR app can identify the characteristics of changes in the skin in a plethora of pathologies (e.g., psoriasis, meningococcemia, Lupus), as each ailment has its own distinct skin condition. This guides or prompts the treating doctor to a possible disease diagnosis, leading to a faster conclusion and treatment plan.  

What Do We Offer?

You can find these and other applications for improving the skills of medical professionals in the SimBios platform.

Why Choose Us?

Better knowledge-gathering and learning retention results

No 'one-size-fits-all' approach. Highly customizable to meet curriculum needs


Space and cost-effective training


Low capital investment compared to traditional simulation equipment


Provide emergency care in line with international guidelines

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