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Through 3D imaging merged with AR/VR, our solution simplifies medical issue representation and fosters precise diagnoses.

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solutions For healthcare field
By seamlessly integrating 3D imaging with AR/VR technology, our innovative solution streamlines the visual representation of medical conditions, facilitating accurate diagnoses with utmost precision.

Our Applications

Patient Examination Training​ APP

The Patient Examination VR app, offered via a comprehensive healthcare platform, facilitates patient examination, triage training, and hands-on learning for medical trainees, expanding traditional education methods.

Auscultation Training

The Auscultation VR app simulates diagnostic environments for medical students, enabling real-time training without patients or mannequins, with an emphasis on heart and lung pathologies.

Ultrasound examination Training app

The Ultrasound Examination VR App offers the Medical Skills Training (Ultrasound), enabling students to learn ultrasound techniques and diagnoses through simulated real-world cases.

Medical Equipemnent VR Training APP

Our VR app integrates a Medical Equipment Training feature for professionals to familiarize with and train on medical equipment, like CT Radiology, enhancing procedures and operations.

Skin changes Diagnostic VR training App

Our VR app exposes clinicians to diverse skin conditions associated with various diseases, facilitating faster diagnosis and treatment planning through early detection.

Why Choose Us?

Better knowledge-gathering and learning retention results

No 'one-size-fits-all' approach. Highly customizable to meet curriculum needs

Space and cost-effective training

Low capital investment compared to traditional simulation equipment

Provide emergency care in line with international guidelines

What our clients say
Yekaterina Boyarkina
Medical Student

It can help us with all medical conditions and be instrumental within the surgical department. We enjoyed this new experience.
In an advanced era of technology, we should stay up to date and use this development to benefit medicine.

Eduard Dotsenko
MD-PhD. Professor, Therapist

The students enrolled in our department require specific technical skills as part of their medical training that is paramount for their
medical qualification. Virtual reality gives the possibility and opportunity for each student to practice these technical skills, examining
patients with no restriction or risk, which we are currently facing due to the current crisis. Students can train with VR for an unlimited time until they are comfortable with the modality.

Ghaith Mohammad Naef.
Medical Student

It is an exceptional experience; right now, we are breaking boundaries with patient-to-doctor experience through new technological methods. We are protected from diseases and infections that are spread through the air, and at the same time, it covers all the fundamental aspects of a real human being. Virtual reality is a reality with no limitations.

Abdel Fattah Nimer Mushah
Medical Student

I want to thank our professor who helped us today to learn using new technology, “Virtual Reality”, which allowed us to see a patient in front of us and try to find out the symptoms that he might be suffering from. We started using this method because of the COVID situation that prevents us from seeing actual patients. The existence of new technology such as VR is bridging the gap by allowing us training on virtual patients with no

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