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Welcome to PROVEN Reality

PROVEN Reality, a technological wing of PROVEN Solution, is dedicated to immersive technology services and solutions. Through interactive virtual and augmented reality experiences, we assist clients and users in solving complex business challenges. Our solutions redefine ordinary experiences, offering unique encounters. Serving diverse industries, including healthcare, education, construction, manufacturing, and beyond. PROVEN Reality is at the forefront of using immersive technologies to revolutionize various sectors.  

Our Story

Embracing Saudi Vision 2030, PROVEN Reality sets sail in the bustling Saudi Arabian market. We cause a stir by showcasing that virtual and augmented reality isn’t solely about entertainment or gaming. These immersive technologies unlock a world of potential by seamlessly bridging the gap between the real and virtual worlds. Think of us as digital magicians, weaving spells that transform mundane screens into gateways to breathtaking new realms.   

Our Approach

We’re not just in it for the thrills. We’re on a mission to help businesses in all sorts of ways. We’re all about blending our everyday world with some fantastic digital stuff.  

Take healthcare, for instance. We’re helping doctors and nurses practice isolated skills like Auscultation. Our revolutionary app, Focus Pocus, is changing the game for children with the Autism Spectrum. It’s like magic, easing their challenges in a whole new way.  

But wait, there’s more! We assist workplaces, making sure they’re up to standard with fire and safety protocols. How? With our real-time simulation training, it’s like having your own personal safety coach right there with you. And the list of our innovations goes on.    


Our Values

 PROVEN Reality isn’t just about tech; we’re about making real-life better, one digital leap at a time. We are driven by core values that shape our work and relationships.   

We thrive on change, leading the charge in an ever-evolving technology-driven world.  

Our foundation is built on honesty and transparency in every aspect of our business.  

Together, we unlock unparalleled creativity through teamwork and shared brilliance.  

In every endeavor, we pursue nothing less than the pinnacle of achievement.  

We honor and embrace local perspectives, weaving them into our global strategies with respect and understanding.  

Meet the Creative Minds Behind the Solutions

 We proudly serve a satisfied and diverse clientele. With us, be prepared to challenge boundaries and infuse your design journey with fervor; coming together as a unified force enables us to achieve optimal outcomes.   

Zaid Al Mashari

CEO, PROVEN Solution 

Leandra Meintjes


Pavel Makarevich


Osama Abu Kahil

Business Development Manager

Our Commitment

We’re committed to bringing you success. Aligned with Saudi Vision 2030, we aim to position Saudi Arabia as a global technological hub while staying true to our Arabic roots. We promise to deliver immersive technological solutions that are effective and accessible to all.   

Join Hands with Saudi Arabia's leading AR/VR/MR Company

At PROVEN Reality, prepare to embark on a journey where ordinary boundaries dissolve and extraordinary possibilities unfold.